Help please -Sinemet 62.5


I am newly diagnosed and have been prescribed Sinemet 62.5 three times daily to increase to six times daily. I have already informed DVLA of my condition and they are writing for confirmation that I am safe to continue driving which I don't anticipate being a problem. However once I start taking Sinemet will that flag up to DVLA that I am not now capable of driving.

My tremor is mild but most of my problems are with stiffness. Will Sinemet help this?





Hi AJ49 - When you say you have been prescribed Sinemet do you take one tablet three times a day then increase slowly to two tablets three times a day?

As for the query about DVLA you are best to ask your GP for some sort of letter to send to them, although the drugs can effect everyone differently, but you should be ok. I have had parkinsons for eight years and still drive, the DVLA sometimes put you on a three year renewal as I am just to be on the safe side. 

Can't say if the stiffness or tremor will go away with the drugs because everyone reacts differently





I was diagnosed spring 2016 and started on sinemet immediately. I phoned DVLA and they sent me a form to fill in. I was given a 3 year licence, which I believe will be renewed unless I have a drastic change. They know I take sinemet &it made no difference. You should also notify your insurers. They can't refuse to insure you.

Sinemet works for me, it's not a magic bullet, it won't put you back to where you were before but it helps.

Having PD takes some get used to but it's not the end of the world even though that's how it feels initially. I find this forum helps me get it more in perspective. Just pick & choose to read what suits you. D


Hi Sheila & Daffy

Yes it's one tablet three times a day increasing to two tablets three times a day.

Thank you very much for the information it is very useful and reassuring, I'm very grateful. AJ