Help Please

Hi there

I know I haven't posted on the forum for a long time, but feel that as I am no longer a carer of a PWP I did not have the right to be here.

As some of you know my personal circumstances all I would say is that I am now going through a very nasty divorce which is putting me under great strain both physically and mentally.

I wondering if someone could help me please regarding PD and depression. Do these 2 run in tandum together, can you suddenly start suffering from depression or what?

My soon to be ex husband is a PD sufferer but was diagnosed with depression in April 2009. This is whay I am asking these questions.

Many thanks for your help and I look forward to your replies.

Depression is very common among PD sufferers, it is thought to affect about 40-60%, sometimes it is the first symptom, with others it develops during the progression of the disease.
Hi Hamster,
Sorry you are both going though such a hard time at the moment.I have suffered from depression on and off for years.Something very small can flair it up for me.I find when I am under a lot of stress I find it very hard to sleep and switch off.A lot of people with pd have sleep problems,I feel this plays a big part in mood changes and not coping.Also meds can effect both the way we sleep and moods.The last few weeks I have found my self crying at the smallest thing,I also have found I cant get motivated.Today I woke up after only few hours sleep feeling low,After a couple of good chats to friends on here and some lovely emails I felt much better.It is my sons birthday today I asked him what he wanted to do,he wanted to clear the garden(believe me a huge job)I have been out in the garden for the last 4 hrs,I feel so much better for it,he really enjoyed it to.
Like posts before have said unfortunately a lot of people with pd suffer from depression.
Sounds like you are both under a lot of stress at the moment,I know hard but try get some me time,try and relax switch off do something you enjoy.Healthy diet and exercise help to(hard I know to motivate yourself when low).You both need support from good friends.I know hard but try and understand its a hard stressful time for you both.
Thinking of you,
Take Care Dot xx
Hi! I was never a sufferer of depression and about two years ago i would have said that i would be the absolute last person to suffer from it. Now though at the slightest thing i immediatley fall into a very depressed state and it is extremely hard to get out of. I strongly believe that PD is a big contributor to depression. Depression leads to negative thinking and thats just about the worst thing that can happen to you because you need a really fighting spirit coupled with a positive attitude to get over every day! I am very grateful to my family because they are always there to give me a smile!!! That makes it all a lot easier!