Help please

Hi all ive not been on for quite a while

Ive been on the Apo-go pump since last july and things in the whole were going well. Then just after xmas things started to go wrong. My tremor started to get progressively worse, my mood swings were bad, i was becoming a different person, someone i didnt like. A few other things were happening that i wont divulge. So this week i decided to come off tghe apomiorphine altogether. All im taking is my amantadine and madopar. I feel good, a bit slow and my tremors bad.

I was wondering if ne one is on ne thing that is helping them near enough 100%
One year after dx. My tremor still exists but has become a minor problem that only rears itself when I am under stress (no matter how little)or am tired. I can't say I am 100% but 90% -95% would be close. I take max dose of amantadine and .5mg mirapex 4x daily. There are good days and bad, but the good outnumber the bad. So far, it works for me (no side effects) and I live a relatively normal life. Problem is, PD is a designer condition and what works for me may not work for anyone else.
hi im on mirapexin 3.15mg and madopar 100mg plus madopar soluble when needed= 3 shift worker ,nights beeing the hardest,my tremor and balance gets worse as the day gets on but the soluble madopar pulls me through,lack of sleep beeing a constant issue but i try not to let this affect my everyday life ,seems work helps me survive,hope this helps mick