Help, questions, what can family do to make it easier?

Hi, im here to ask some questions as my grandad has got suspected Parkinson’s but has got to wait 39 weeks to be seen, is there any way to speed this up? as he isn’t getting any better as time goes on, my Nan is denial.

Please can someone give me some advice as it’s not nice to see

Many thanks xx

Hi Courts and a warm welcome to the forum,

It sounds like things are really tough at the moment for you and your family and we wanted to let you know that we are here to support you. You’re best bet is to reach out to our friendly helpline who will be best placed to provide all of the information that can help you. All details can be found via this link.

Best Wishes
Tom A, Moderation Team

Hi Courts,
I can understand the anxiety felt by your Grandad and self. Being informed that you have Parkinsons Disease can be intimidating. However, be assured that the disease does not advance quickly and the delay in seeing a specialist, whilst frustrating, should not cause any major issues. There is probably a Parkinsons Nurse operating in your area and it may be that you can get an appointment with her more speedily. She is a “Specialist” in the disease and should be able to put your mind at rest. Your local surgery will know how to contact her. I am a Grandad myself and have learnt a few tricks over the years. If you know the name of the Neurologist your Grandad is waiting to see, find out from which hospital he/she operates and ask to speak to his/her secretary. The secretary will handle his/her appointments and you may be able to press her for an earlier appointment. Some appointments are cancelled and if you happen to contact her on the “right” day, she may squeeze you into a cancellation. I can’t promise that this will be successful but worth a try. In the meantime, put your Grandads mind at rest and assure him that Parkinsons Disease does not advance quickly,
Best Wishes, Gerrard

Hello Courts
I hope you managed to get a cancellation