Help researchers to understand the best way to recruit participants

This research study is led by undergraduate medical student Nathan Batley at the University of Southampton.


The study aims to observe if there is a difference between the people recruited to Parkinson’s research studies via local branch meetings and those recruited using our online forum. 

The researchers aim to understand:

• How many people can be recruited using the two methods?
• The type of people recruited for each method
• The Quality of Life of people recruited via these methods

They hope this research will help to provide better means of involving people with Parkinson’s in scientific research.

Who can take part?
People with Parkinson’s based in the UK

What is involved?
Participants will be asked to complete an online survey. The first part will gather general information and the second section will address Quality of Life with Parkinson’s.  We do not recommend completing the questionnaire on a mobile or tablet device as the text will be very small.

You can find the survey here:

Need more information?

Contact the research team directly:
Nathan Batley, University of Southampton
Call 07527846374 or email: [email protected]

Thank you very much to those who have filled in the questionnaire so far!

If you have a spare few minutes to fill in the online survey we would really appreciate it, as it will help to involve you in research projects in the future.


Thank you to everyone who has participated so far! If you haven't yet filled in the online questionnaire please do, it only takes a few minutes. Help us to improve the way people with Parkinson's are included in future research projects!

Another big thank you to everyone who has filled in our survey. For those yet to complete it, the link will remain active until the end of June if you wish to participate. 

It takes a few minutes and will help to involve people with Parkinson's in research in the future!