Help shape the future of Parkinson’s UK membership

Help shape the future of Parkinson’s UK membership

Before the end of the year, we’ll be launching a new Parkinson’s UK membership offer and inviting more people to join us.

We’ve always been led by our members - and for nearly 50 years, the Parkinson’s community has been working hard to transform the lives of people across the UK. But as the world changes around us, and the number of people diagnosed and living with Parkinson’s increases, our community must unite and grow.
Our vision is for a strong membership made up of lots of different people. So we’ll be inviting everyone who cares about Parkinson’s - whatever their connection and wherever they live - to be part of Parkinson’s UK.
We are currently working to develop a new membership offer and we’d love to share our early ideas with you - so you can tell us what you think!

You don’t have to be a member to share your feedback - everyone’s thoughts are welcome.

How will this work?

On Monday afternoon we will post a short document in this group and some quick questions for you to answer so we can gather your thoughts on it. This will be part of the feedback that will help develop the ideas further. We will keep this open for a week to allow as many people to share as possible.
There will be lots more opportunities to get involved with this project, we are just at the start of developing what the membership will be.

You can find out more about our plans for membership in the latest issue of The Parkinson and on our Commonplace site HERE . If you have any questions then please email Julia at [email protected] or call 020 7963 9253.