Help test the new forum (submissions by 07/12/17)

So now that you know about the coming changes for the forum, we like to ask for your help in making it happen. We’re looking for a small group of people to test the new forum software before it is rolled out in January 2018.

We’ll be assembling a test version of the new forum this week and we'd like to get your feedback on any further improvements we can make to make.

If you’d like to take part, we’re asking for a bit of your time to take a look at the new forum and answer specific questions about your experience. You’ll have a choice between sending your responses back to us via email, or an online survey and you’ll have instructions before you using the test forum, so the process should be easy.

If you want to take part, let us know at [email protected] or below by Thursday, December 7. 

While we can only have a limited number of testers, we're looking for a range of people with different experiences. The test will run between 11 and 14 December.  

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the process, let us know.

I’m quite happy to trial it. I do have some experience beta testing business software, so I’m not complete tyro.  My only problem Is I’m having problems with my  email at the moment.


Hi Island Mike

Thanks! Beta testing software is great but you shouldn't need those skills here. We just want forum members to use the (new) forum as they would in real life. Thanks again for volunteering. We'll be in touch. 

Thanks, ezinda. As I said, I’ve got problems with email at the moment, so if you communicate via PM that would be more reliable

Hi Island Mike, 

I'll make a note of that. Thanks for your offer. 

If anyone else  would like to test the new forum please let us know by tomorrow.




I'll try and make sense of it Kat willing to give it a try.........


Hi Sheila, 

Thanks! We'll be in touch so keep an eye on your emails. Really happy to have your input. 




That's ok Kat, I'm not that computer literate but I'll give it a try by all means


Hi Sheila

How is life treating you. Hope all well with you and your family.
Not spoke to you in a while.
I’m struggling with ropinirole going to ask to come off it.

Babs x

Hi babswood - I’m still around, plodding along. Sorry to hear you are still not getting on with the Ropinirole, best thing to do is come off them as you said, but don’t know what else they will give you, whatever they give you lets hope you feel better on them.
We did a ‘walk for parkinsons’ couple of weeks ago, well I didn’t, it was my hubby, daughter, friend of ours, and my two nieces, with sponsors and a raffle and donations we totalled £664 for research, not bad for a couple hours, so hope it gets put to good use! Hope it does us some good! On holiday next week to Cornwall having a rest from babysitting! So speak to you when we come back.

Bye for now hope you get sorted xx sheffy