Help to pay for groundfloor toilet and/or shower


I am 57 years old and was diagnosed with PD 6 years ago, and Atrial Fibrillation this year. My father also has PD and he is in a care home with dementia unable to walk. I have two children 8 & 9 years old. A small terraced house and a full time job. With a modest salary.
In June I managed to break my heel bone which was incredibly painful and disabling. One of the main problems I had arose from the issue that we have no downstairs toilet, bathroom or shower. So every time I needed to use the bathroom I had to struggle up the stairs. This is something I will face more and more in the future as my PD gets worse.
Does anyone know of any grants that would be available to assist me in converting the cupboard under the stairs into a toilet and/or shower room (there might not be enough room for this)? Even relief from VAT would help. Should I try my local authority?  Anyone else? Despite my diagnosis, I am still reasonably active. I am just looking to future proof my house while I am still able to make a worthwhile contribution.
Any information or pointers would be appreciated.


Hi martin1959,

I'm really sorry to hear about your broken heel bone. That sounds excruciating and I hope you are feeling much better now, so everyday things like going up and down the stairs aren't such a chore.

Hopefully other forum members who have carried out works to adapt their homes can share first-hand information and comment on their experiences, but you can also check the information on disabled facility grants from our website here: You could also call our helpline on 0808 800 0303. Our advisers can inform you about any benefits or grants you may be able to get for this and they will be able to run through your options with you.

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A cheaper alternative, if you have a straight run of stairs, is a stairlift. Grants are easily available in Scotland, not so easy in England. Follow Mara's advice for help in this regard. Speaking from experience, and looking at the future, the stairlift is the more valuable investment. 

The problem with disability caused by a fracture is that it may not be considered a permanent problem that would qualify for a grant. You're not likely to get a grant based on what may or may not happen in the future with the PD. 

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go to gp and ask for help they will inform local authority to get in touch. you still have to pay a small amount I've just had stair lift fitted and wetroom  £11,000 .i had to pay  £2,200

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some great advice there. 

Thank you all so much.



Stepping into a bath can certainly be a problem for some people. For example my 70 year old mum had to replace her shower and gorgeous bathtub with a shower as she’s had arthritis in her hips. As a kid, when I had a shower I’d always plug the shower waste & sit on the shower floor - I always wanted a shower-bath! So I was planning to have a shower-bath in the kids bathroom & a shower in the ensuite, but the builder advised me that a shower-bath instead of a shower & a bath would decrease the value of the house.