Help! Too many pounds (not £s)


Hello Ladies I have a confession about the chocolate. I feel real guilty I no where my wife hides the chocolate. (Almond, milk,and dark) Here’s the worst part it is for our grand children when they come over.
It is hard enough to tie your shoes with parkison’s. (Fumble fingers) But my waistline causes me loss of breath. I have to come back up for air every time I bend over. Lol


Waistline, what is one of those! :smiley::sweat_smile:I had one in my 20s I think …
My problem is I hide the chocolate, but try as I can I cannot forget where it is. I dont even have grandchildren to eat it for me. :sunglasses:


The truth is I have meet many more unpleasant skinny people because they are hungry.
They are probably are way more healthy of body. They can tie their shoes and breath at the same time. Wear cloths that no elastic can be found anywhere in the manufacture label. They might be bored with celery and carrots and lite food.

For me I fight Parkinson’s exercising as hard as I can. I have a little swallowing problem. So there is a good chance I will get skinny and not want be. But until then yes I will try to watch what I eat. But when I look back if a few chocolates, some ice cream, and sweats were a pill in some way. Making Parkies a little more easier to live with. The extra pounds are just fine me. Food for thought. Tom be happy.


I am told it is a matter of willpower, but where is Will when you want him. I succumbed on Mon and had a chocolate! On Tues I thought, in for a penny… And had another one. What should I do today? Help advice please Roro? Omahatom?


Everyday is a clean sheet, put any thoughts of chocolate into a mental wastebin and cover it with slugs. If that doesnt help, clean your teeth, it may take away the urge to then eat horrid chocolate :persevere::fearful: and mess your shiny white toothypegs.
I am full of ideas at time, just not so good at implementing them xx


Thanks Roro. The sound of slugs def sounds off putting. Should I feel tempted ( been too busy so far today to have time to think, but can’t keep that up!), I’ll give your suggestion a go!! Xx
And is today a good one for you? X


ElleMac I am a sinner when it comes to chocolate! To look for strength from me or advise??? Will and OmahaTom have a debt to pay before the Gates open up. St. Peter has my list. A LOOOOONG one. LOL


Omahatom you have helped. You have made me laugh. Thanks.