Help! Too many pounds (not £s)


No chocolate, no sweets,
For two months from today;
I hope I can manage,
I’d like help on the way.
Is anyone out there,
Keen to lose a few pound,
Who’ll join me now,
Definitely moping around?


No chocolate, no sweets,
Is a place I shall be
For two months (or two years)
A much smaller me
The Roro I must find
Who will gladly join in
Needs help from a friend
So she can get thin (less fat anyway :blush:)

Poetry and rhymes arent my thing, a bit like wandering from first to third person!


Great, Roro. Just making dinner at moment ( Oh Oh! ), but will get back to you, hopefully later today. PS. Your poetry sounds good to me! X


Hello again, Roro.

Shall we have a progress report every Sun, to see how we re doing? With cries for help at any time?

So far, so good. Well thro first day. ,!

If anyone else interested, please just say. X


I have survived, mostly by not leaving the house and tripping over reduced Christmas confectionery or the Easter eggs already on shelves. I will be looking on ebay for horse blinkers tonight. Onwards and downwards! Here’s to the next week😊🛇🍬🛇🍫🛇🍰


Hi Roro, love the poem. I’m starting on diet tomorrow. Good luck



Roro, good luck with the horse blinkers!

Redkite, if you need any help with sticking to your diet, shout out. Then, whoever hears your cries can" bully" (not really of course) you into sticking with it!

Good luck. I need it…


We can cheer each other on Janieb, but not necessarily in poetry ! I may venture on a scale tomorrow as a further scare tactic for myself. Only detail I will declare will be losses (or gains)

#9 we are, at the end of week one of hiding from chocolate and sweeties. :roll_eyes:
I admit to needing to improve my hiding skills, on Friday a Kitkat found its way into my tummy. Well it had four legs, and could move quicker than me. Then it was a case of deja vu yesterday.
Other than that I have been quite restrained. Helped by ny banning bread from entering the house for now, I would have eaten half a loaf toast form.
I shall weigh in the morning, then report the direction of my scales.
Onwards and downwards!
(ps if this does not make sense it may be due to my continuously falling asleep…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:



Hey, well done you, especially for your honesty. Most important, you haven’t given up despite little setbacks. Where sweets and chocolate are concerned, l’ve done pretty well, not eating any, well, apart from a little bit of chocolate that, unseen by me , found its way on to the top of a cake. Aye, there’s the rub… I compensated a bit with sponge cake. I told myself it was not sweets or chocolate… Which was true - but must cut d.own.
I cannot weigh myself just now, as have lost my weighing scales in house move… Still not bad for starters. Keeping going may be more difficult?


It is staying motivated I know. I have set a target of losing just over a stone before June. Being in charge of a slothlike arthritic body doesnt help with burning calories so I need to reduce intake.
We can but try :sunglasses:


Definitely, we can try. X


Another week has passed, sweet and chocolate free, until today, when I was tempted by a couple of jelly babies, the last in a packet opened a few weeks ago. Well, babies are so cute. Afterwards I felt guilty, don’t know why, as there is only myself making me do this. However, one small lapse will not stop me…


A big lapse on monday, a bag of large chocolate buttons attacked me, but onwards. Not losing weight but will try harder this week. Portion sizes need slimming down!


Monday is a week ago now. You can do it! Hang on in there. Xx


Survived another week - just!


Well done ! I’ve been much better, one small lapse at beginning of week. Weight not shifting which is a disappointment but eating healthier


Another week without chocs and sweets…but instead of being easier, it is becoming harder. And temptation is always there- boxes of chocs from Xmas.Not sure how much longer I can keep it up.

How are you doing, Roro?


No choc this week! Now need to stick to it, and reduce my meal sizes to attempt to lose my resemblance to a shire horse from the back. Looking for a replacement walking stick a couple of days ago, having killed one of my tidy pair with my stair lift. Looking online on a certain websire I asked advice as to what weight it would hold, my being on the larger size. One person so kindly said his wife was 10 stone and she had no issues with stick. I thanked him then would have crawled into a hole had there been any my size out there! Too embarrassed to say my weight but if it were 10 stone I would have been extatic!


Me too!