Help us improve hospital experiences for people with Parkinson's


Would you be interested in helping us improve hospital experiences for people with Parkinson's?

We’re running a pilot ‪‎Right To Care Week campaign‬ in London 19-24 October 2015 and need volunteers to help us advocate for hospitals allowing carers to stay with their loved ones regardless of visiting hours.

If you’re interested in volunteering, there’s more details and sign up information here.  

Best wishes,
Digital Team


I dont know anything about this subject but I know of a couple of people who went into hospital and came out worse as they had their pill regimes messed up.  

If they dont post I'm sure some amiable buffoon will be along shortly to remind us of the helpline.

Until then here's some mellow music provided by our sponsors Elastoplast.

I see skiesof blue.................