Help us predict Parkinson's

We’re looking for 1000 healthy, internet-using people without Parkinson’s aged 60 to 80, to take part in a new research project that could help Parkinson’s researchers agree on common early indicators of the condition.

This innovative online study, called Predict PD, is led by Dr Alastair Noyce at Queen Mary, University of London, in collaboration with University College London.

Ongoing Parkinson’s research suggests that problems including anxiety, depression and constipation, as well as sleep and smell disorders, may occur up to 20 years before the movement problems of Parkinson's actually appear.

The Predict PD pilot project will ask people to take part in three simple online tests - including a questionnaire, a keyboard tap test, and a ‘scratch and sniff’ smell test - to look for factors known to be linked to increased risk of Parkinson’s.

People who take part will not find out if they are individually at risk of developing Parkinson’s. This is a pilot study, and whilst the online tests may suggest some people could be at increased risk, it's too soon to know how accurate or meaningful the tests are.

But by taking part in the study you will be helping our researchers spot the earliest signs of the condition that will help them develop tests that could one day predict Parkinson's.

For more information about the project and how to take part visit
My anosmia developed 20 years before my PD diagnosis. It seems pretty obvious that it is a PD predictor, if not in every instance, so it is surprising to me that there has not - yet - been any completed research to ascertain exactly how many PD patients (as a percentage of all PD patients) lost their sense of smell prior to their PD diagnosis.

Or am I wrong? I'd be interested to know if there are reliable, concluded studies in this area.
I would like to know why is the age group 60-80 years of age? Surely by now it should be realized that PD isn't just an 'older persons' condition?

I'm pretty sure that my 38 year old daughter is now showing all the signs that I had shown many years ago before I was dx. I spoke to my PD nurse about it and she agrees, however, my daughters neuro will not hear of it....'rubbish' was his reaction....where do we go from here? My daughter cant afford to pay for a DAT scan herself, but no medics are taking us seriously.

PS......I still have my sense of smell and have been dx for 10 years. It isn't as good as it used to be....but it is there in small doses!!!

Well, take a peek here... if you are/have been exposed to herbicides, you MIGHT be screwed.
Here's an opinion re the relationship between PD and the above.!+Mail
Some users of the Parkinson's Improvement programme have regained their sense of smell even after years of being without it.
I've had a rubbish sense of smell for yonks but always put it down to chronic rhinitis. Was the rhinitis an early sign of PD? :confused: