Help us spread awareness about freezing as a symptom of Parkinson's!


The Parkinson’s community told us that freezing is one of their most distressing symptoms - yet one of the least known in the public. We launched a campaign to raise understanding of freezing and show the big impact Parkinson’s has on everyday life.

There are a wide range of techniques to help overcome freezing. One ‘cue’ to trigger your movement is the plan method… Stop, think, plan, do. For more information about freezing visit:

Feel free to share your freezing tips below by commenting on this thread.


No real tips.
I have experienced freezing a few times. Always when stressed.


Hi @Hubby,

No worries if you don’t have any tips to give, the most important thing is that we raise awareness about freezing.

If you need more tips to help with freezing, don’t forget you can always visit our website here -

Do take care,


More of a question than a hint, I recall my mum saying she would freeze then start walking backwards. Only in later years did I wonder whether the walking backwards was a technique to move, or something her body just did. Anyone else had similar experiences?