Help us to Calculate the Cost of Parkinson's

What does having Parkinson's cost you? 

We're looking for people with Parkinson's, their families and carers at all stages of the condition, from newly diagnosed to those who have lived with Parkinson's for decades to take part in research to help us calculate the economic and social cost of the condition.  

The results will help us tell the Government where they need to target their resources to improve life for people affected by Parkinson's.

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The government made no effort to force the drug companies to publish accurate information about the incidence of OCDs caused by DAs. If they had, we would be £30,000 better off.

What makes you think they will listen now?




i took part

its worth doing, if theres little or no replys who will listen?? we have no voice if no one speaks up.

would you also put up the link about emailing your Mp on the subject of 'esa wrag & the £30 loss' Joanne.

Hi goldengirl,

Thanks for your comment. We know the Government don’t always listen to popular opinion, however it’s important that we understand the issues that affect people with Parkinson’s and the impact they may have. In order to campaign for change we conduct research so we can demonstrate the impact of government plans.

Earlier this year using evidence from people living with the condition we successfully campaigned for NHS England to fund Duodopa for people with advanced Parkinson’s. Around 75 people each year could benefit from this treatment. We recognise that we won’t be successful with every campaign, but we know that presenting robust and credible evidence really helps to deliver change for people living with the condition.

Best wishes.

Hi sea angler,

Thanks for taking part in the survey, so far over 600 people have completed it and we’d love more to take part before it closes on 15 November.

We’re just amending the MP action about defending WRAG from cuts as MPs voted on it earlier in the week. Once we’ve done that we’ll promote the link to our supporters.

Thanks again!