Help! Very little sleep

Hi wondering if anybody has ideas to just for once i can get a good nights sleep. I’ve been diagonsed for a few years with little change, sleep fine i taken madopar tablets 3 times a day 7am, 4pm and 8pm now all the sudden my condition has worsened overnight and struggling at work so taking tablets 7am 1pm and 6pm because the effects don’t last. Trouble is i can’t settle at night now by 10 bedtime the last tablet has worn off. The main problem is stiffness in right arm and hand and told about oil as an idea.
Does anybody else use this and does it help? Just want my life back i’m only 51

@Bella69 I would speak with your PD nurse (if you are lucky to have one) or Neurologist or GP. You might, as I was, be lucky enough to find that being prescribed a slow release does (Madapor CR) will help. In my case it is Sinemet CR.

Best wishes

Hi @Bella69, I’m in a very similar situation… 51, still working, take Madopar 3 times per day, and haven’t had a good night’s sleep in about 5 years.

What I do is take daytime naps to compensate- a couple of 5-10 minute power naps during the working day make a world of difference. Much easier if you can work from home of course, but I had also arranged a place to rest in the office before the pandemic hit.

Hope that helps a little.

try Valerian Root to help you sleep, works for me like a charm every time

Hi there,

I am a carer for my mother who is 60, and had PD for almost 10 years. She too struggles terribly with her sleep, which has its own host of problems.

She has been prescribed Co-Beneldopa MR (modified release). This is to take before sleep, and helps with dystonia through the night.

She also takes Zolpidem 10mg sleeping tablets which work well and usually mean that she gets a minimum of 3 or 4 hours (that she wasn’t getting before).

Other things she has found to help:

  • No screen time in bed
  • Go to bed before last dose wears off
  • Mediation apps to help her relax whilst sleeping tablet kicks in.

Sending hugs.

Hi Bella69,

We’re happy to see you’ve already had some great input from our forum community. If your medication is often wearing off during the night and is causing you problems, you may need to switch to a form that’s delivered to your body continuously. Examples are skin patches, an apomorphine infusion or an intrajejunal levodopa infusion (a tube that pumps levodopa directly into your stomach). The continuous delivery means you get constant treatment throughout the night. Speak to your specialist or Parkinson’s nurse for more advice, of course, and you can find some more data here And as always, please feel welcome to call our free confidential helpline at 0808 800 0303 or email at [email protected] for one-on-one support.

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Hi Bella. Not being able to sleep is rotten. My husband has Parkinson’s and suffered with the same thing. Like jps1926, he takes a slow-release Sinemet last thing at night and it seems to do the trick. Some nights he’s restless but generally speaking he seems to get a decent night’s sleep. Might be worth adjusting your meds?

Hi Bella I had similar problems with Madopar couldnt sleep at all completely wired for sound I was also on Sinimet cr for night which gave me terrific nightmares I chatted to the Parkinsons clinic I changed to Stalevo and came off the Sininmet much easier to sleep now not fantastic but much improved apparently the Madopar was clashing with my sinimet but i feel much better on Stalevo i didnt take to the Madopar. so have chat with Parkinsons nurse The tempreture of the room will also affect the Parkinsons i wake if it gets cold so have a low electric heater just to keep it warm hope this helps