Help welcome

Hi,ive been diagnosed for 5 years and take 150 mg madopar 5 times daily and have just started on rotigotine 4mg. The dose of madopar sounds high compared to other people but my consultant is well respected and based at Salford,

i am shortly starting on the Apomorphine infusion.

I dont get tremors but terrible internal ones, together with extreme stiffness. Has anyone got any advice or comments. I feel really bad at the moment!!


Hi @Hilly, :wave:

So sorry to hear that you’re feeling really bad at the moment - I’m sure you’ll hear from our members soon with some helpful advice. In the meantime, we have information on Apomorphine on the Parkinson’s UK website which you may find useful and you can find this here:

I’d also encourage you to speak to one of our advisers via our confidential helpline, they’d be able to offer you more support and can talk to you in more details about how you’re feeling.

Best wishes,

Hi I was dx 13 years ago and I take 100 g madopar 5 times per day with 200g of entacapone. I tried the apo infusion and it did improve the stiffness and mobility but sadly I had to stop as I had an allergic reaction. I found the app nurses very knowledgeable and happy to talk through your fears.

Hi hilly
I was diagnosed 8 years ago and take 150gmadapor plus 1 dispersal of 100g at night along with 10g of selegeline Like you i have. No tremors only terrible stiffness especially at nnight i also suffer from restless legs at night,have been in contacr with pd nurse to see if she can help.
Hoping this info. May help you.
Cheers Annne29

I was diagnosed with PD January 2018 and have been taking Madopar for over a year now (as well as starting with Ropinorol 12mg to 4mg), I recently had my Madopar increased from 2x62.5mg to 3x62.5mg. My PD nurse says that the increase ‘could’ contribute to a more ‘restlessness’ but I haven’t noticed this.