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Hello i was just after some advice please my husband as parkinsons his 43 He as good days but as more days of late his on medication and is trying out a patch now. He continues to go to work but as been put on light duties and can no longer use the machines or drills ect. We tryed to apply for pip last year and got declined twice they wanted him to go sit in front of people to appeal again but he wasnt comfortable in doing so so we left it. Now work is gettin harder and his more down than up we are gonna try again but worried that cuz his still trying to work they will say no and this will make him fed up all over again. Any advice would be much appreciated.


This web site was of great help to me

Good luck.


Hi Martini thank u very much i will have a look.


Hi @Dawny81,

It’s a real shame that your husband’s PIP assessment was declined. I have passed this information onto our policy and campaign and will get back to you as soon as I can with their advice. In the meantime, please take a look at our ‘Personal Independent Payment’ section which has a lot of information that I’m sure you’ll find useful -

You can also give our confidential helpline a call and have a chat with one our advisers about this on 0808 800 0303.

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@Reah thank u so much and i will have a look :slight_smile:


Hi @Dawny81,

You’re welcome.

I’ve spoken to my colleague and he strongly recommends that your husband applies for PIP again.

Based on the information you’ve given, it sounds like you went through MR but gave up before the tribunal and if that’s the case, we would encourage you not to give up at this stage as 73% of PIP cases are overturned at tribunal. The odds would be in your favour. You may also want to consider having assistance with the application - either our helpline, one of our local advisers or the citizen advice.

On the work front, your husband could approach his employer and ask to see if there are any changes that would help him stay in employment. It would also be worthwhile for him to contact Access to Work for support and funding to stay in work

I really wish you both the best of luck if you decide to try for PIP again, it’s there to help when you need it and that’s what he has his paid taxes for. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Dawny we found the Citizens Advice Bureau most helpful with getting my PIP.



Hi Dawny81, I applied for pip because I was getting taken off DLA. I understand how your husband feels after being knocked back. It’s bad enough having everything you enjoy being slowly taken away from you plus losing confidence to do ordinary things like going out plus looking after your loved ones. They should have a panel of PD sufferers to assess people as they are the only ones who can understand what fellow sufferers are going through. Yes if possible your husband should re-apply for pips and make sure he puts down what he’s like on bad days. If you have a PD coordinator in your area they can give good advice plus this site has info on the points system they use as a guide. Make sure you send them copies Of letters from his neurologist or PD nurse saying how it affects him. I hate the way you’re made to feel like a criminal when applying for any sort of help when you have a serious lifetime disease. Good luck I hope it’ll be 3rd time lucky.