Help with delusional behaviour

Hi I'm new to the forum and am desperate for some help in how to cope with my fathers behaviour, he is having hallucinations all the time but nighttime is the worst he won't sleep as he is seeing people in the room not only that but he sees them in my mums bed and is accusing her of all sorts of things ! This is distressing for us all but worse for him. We have tried cutting down his tablets but that's not had much of an effect apart from making his mobility worse. Just had the doc in today and is going to refer him up to the clinic. I've tried all sorts of reasoning with him but nothing is working, spoken to Parkinson's nurse and again didn't get much help. Anybody got any ideas ????


how old is you're dad? Are you in the UK?

although I've not experienced such behaviour with my Parkinson's, I have with my own dad who has altzeimers, he doesn't have Parkinson's.   He also has a vitiman b deficiency and has injections for this.  any underlying infections make him worse.

also, if you are living in the UK and experiencing the recent heatwave....he may be a wee bit dehydrated.

i think i would be careful not to presume that everything is down to Parkinson's.

i hope this helps and that you get dad sorted.


Hi Ali,

Thanks for the reply. My dad is 74, we stay in UK. The doctor said all his tests were ok the last time but has taken some more bloods today to check. 

It's just so hard to get someone to listen to us and give us help, nobody seems to want to tackle his problems but they are getting worse for us to handle. I do think there is an element of dementia there to. 

hopefully they will get back to us quickly with an appointment for someone to come and see him.