Help with finding a independent/self employed carer


I hope someone can point me to resources on how to find a carer whom is independent of large care providers to have reassurance of the same person helping my Mum whom is very anxious about accepting help , it would be mornings/evenings and to lessen her embarresment a lady carer. Unsure where to source such a carer. Any ideas would be most appreciated , we live in North Norfolk between Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

Many thanks

Hi @Kiwispirit

I would suggest that you contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303 or email: [email protected] and ask to be directed to your local adviser, they should be able to help.


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Hi @Kiwispirit,
Not an easy issue in my experience, if only because “ matching” carer to the person needing support is so important and more honoured in word than practice in my experience of private care agency who provide carers that is one route to go and you could be lucky.
But I am really replying to your post because we have recently hit the jackpot and found, or rather been given, someone who is perfect for my husband ( and me). She was highly recommended by a trusted friend who knew I was looking for someone, so on the basis of that, I would strongly recommend asking around and letting it be known that you are looking for someone. There are other huge advantages to using a private carer which I won’t go into here .
Good luck, and I hope you are as lucky as we have been without having to go through the same difficulties with arrangements that don’t work out first!
Best wishes, Pippa

Thank you Pippa for your reply and will take on board your advice.

Best Wishes

Can you use the Direct Payments system to appoint a carer of your choice rather than use multiple carers from an agency? If you need help just morning and evening it could well be just one carer that provides this as we experienced.

If you contact your local branch of AgeUK they will provide you with a comprehensive list of self-employed carers offering every kind of service ranging from cleaning up to 24 hour care. I have recently called upon AgeUK to find suitable help for my wife and I. Gerrard

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