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Hi folks! This is my first post so please be gentle with me! Diagnosed in October so still getting my head around Parkinson’s. How is everyone coping with supermarket shopping? I’m fine until I get to the check-out and then i feel like I’m being rushed into packing goods into bags and paying. I’ve thought about wearing (Ebay) a card/lanyard saying; I have a hidden disability please be patient with me. I dont particularly want to reveal to the world that I have Parkinson’s. Any other suggests?

Hi @Manilow56,

A very warm (and gentle!) welcome to the community! You don’t need to worry - everyone here is very kind and supportive, not to mention extremely insightful. I bet they will be along shortly to help make you feel at home and share their personal experiences with you when it comes to shopping.

In the meantime, please do look around the website, especially our page for those who have been newly diagnosed. You might find something helpful. :slight_smile:

You can also call our helpline on 0808 800 0303 if you ever have any questions or concerns, or you just need a chat. You are not alone!

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I have the same problem. I solved it this way: whenever possible I choose the automatic self check out machine; this way I have enough time to scan and pack my goodswitgout being disturbed or stressed. Otherwise I always tell to the cashier that it will take longer, that I am slow because I’m disabled and my hands are week and that I apologise for all that - the reaction is always fine and they usually help me with packing and are being extra kind to me… I agree with you, there is no point in revealing that you have Parkinson‘s… It’s your (or: our) “problem”
Good luck :grinning:

I solved this problem to some extent by changing to grocery shopping on line. The problem I have now though is that the delivery drivers dump everything in crates on the floor just outside the door so I find myself on my hands and knees and literally throwing everything into the hallway behind me!
I only go to the supermarket if I only want a few things, because like you it takes me ages to pack.
When (if ever) we get through this pandemic I’ll probably go back to self-scanning because you pack your bags as you go go along, avoiding the pressure at the checkout. I’ve stopped this for now because I don’t like the thought of all the people who have handled the scanner,

I agree with Jgo self scanning largely solves your problem and I agree with Koru, tell the cashier what you need and they will usually oblige.
Jgo re online delivery I contact the supermarket customer services explain my circumstances and ask that the drivers transfer goods to my shopping bags. I use several different supermarkets none have refused and a note is placed on my record. It’s made all the difference.

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Search eBay (or your favourite online supplier) for trolley bags. I use them and pack much faster than using plastic bags because they are stiff and sit on the counter and stay open. You can use both hands to pack items.

They changed my life. :laughing:

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I’m fine with shopping until I get to the checkout and then I think everyone is looking at me and I’m being rushed which makes my anxiety worse. I bought a lanyard from Etsy saying ‘I have a hidden disability please be patient with me’. I slip it on when I get to the checkout and it really works! I get much more respect from the cashier and a friendly service!

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