Help with Texting

Hi, haven't posted for ages but thought this might come in handy for some.
Its an app for android phones and such like called 'SlideIT'.
What it does is allows you to slide your finger or thumb along your touchscreen keypad, over the letters of the word, instead of having to tap every letter!
Might seem a bit strange at first but it actually predicts the words for you a lot of the time and if you do get it wrong, with practise seems still faster than tapping everything. I can actually text whilst walking along again!

Give it some time to get used to it as ive become really good at it after only 3 weeks.

Theres also a speech button which makes life even easier although ive found you have to shout into it fairly loudly to get the best results.
Hope this is of use
regards John
Dear Honest John,

What a useful tip, I think that it would help many people not just PD ones I will look into this further for myself,
Thanks again
best wishes

Might be an idea for the PDUK mag