Hi all my name is Lee I’m 47 and back in November I was told I have Parkinson’s it came about because I was a taxi driver and because of my age I hat to have a medical and the doctor said I have a tremor in my hand and leg on my right side and because of this I failed my medical and was but on sick leave I’ve had a brain scan and that was clear then I had a dat scan and in February I was told I have stage 2 of Parkinson’s now because of my tremors slow reflexes and the fact that I walk on outside of my right foot I’ve now lost my driving license I don’t know if I will get it back I’m hoping in time I will
This is the bit I’d like some help with please because I’d been on sick leave for some months back in January I hat to have a medical with the DWP and in March I was told my results I was told anything under 15 points you are fit of work and the closer to zero the fitter you are for work and I got ZERO meaning I am 100% fit for work I told my neurologist and my P nurse and they told me that at the moment I am not fit for work and told me to ring PUK I told them what was going on and a lady name Claire came out to me and we did a test like the one I did with the DWP and this time I got 46 points Claire has been fantastic she is helping me fight the DWP but the bit I don’t get is if my neurologist and P nurse say I’m not fit for work at the moment why is a muppet from the DWP say I am why do we have experts in there field in the NHS if the DWP say you are fit for work I’m told the stress of the DWP is not good for me and in two weeks time I’ve got to go to London or tests to see if there is anything they can do for my foot.
has anyone else had any problems with the DWP??
Sorry for the rant and the long letter


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Yes i have had plenty to do with DWP the best way to do these tests (the way i went about it)is to stop taking your meds for a couple of days beforehand i stopped taking mine for three days they want to see a mess give them 1 also i told them i was depressed and felt suicidle @ times they heard that and wrapped the interview up there and then .It not like you are lying to them you have got to approach them as if you are having the worst day of your life hope this helps good luck

Hi Lee all I can say is if they turn you down appeal everytime between pip and e +s i. Ve had 7assessments in5yrs after one I was told 0pts as I could for ex. lift+move empty cartons with other hand on appeal got pts back within mins I know it,s stressful but Don, t back down get your pd nurse to write letter of support for you good luck

Hi Peter
I hope you are well the bit I don’t like is they think we are making all this up don’t they think Parkinsons is real disease after all we didn’t ask for Parkinson’s

Hi Onlyone,

I was an HGV Driver and was diagnosed PD so that meant I lost my licence because of not being able to operate heavy machinery which on reflection to me is a load of tosh. I am able to drive a car competently but I could have still driven HGV as it only affected my strength as the job I did was quite physical. Had I been on Fridge or Freezer work with a Supermarket I could well have carried on. So I am not understanding how they can take your licence away, it is a car after all and not a 44 tonne beast like what I drove !!


Hi. I am sorry to say that I had exactly the same problems with the DWP and the PIP.
I was awarded 0 points at my face to face.
I immediately asked for a reconsideration and that remained the same.

I was put in contact with the benefit advisor from Parkinson. Victoria Griffith’s she was fantastic, she got me collating all my evidence and helped prepare an appeal. This took about 6 months but the DWP reviews the case before going to a tribunal, I was awarded the higher rate and had it back dated.

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Hi Haggle63
I hope you are well sorry to hear that you had the same problem as I did with your face to face I don’t know bout you but it’s as if the DWP don’t care they just want you to get back to work even if your not ready. The thing is I want to go back to work but I have to be retrained as I was a taxi driver and because of the PD I’ve lost my driving license. My PD nurse says I shouldn’t push myself to much but that isn’t me I’m always pushing myself the other thing that doesn’t help is when I was filling down the other week my sister in law said I should pull myself together because there are people worse off then me witch is true but doesn’t make me fill better.
Can you tell me what you did to get through to the DWP and thank you for your kind words