Hello, I am having an interview tomorrow for universal credit, as I am off work at the moment as I am struggling to do 16 hours a week. I have already had a pip medical assessment, you won’t be surprised to know that my appeal is next March or April. :angry: Can anyone give me any tips or info as I am not sure what to expect. Apart from a brick wall !! Trying to be positive :slight_smile: [Help with universal credit interview](http://Help with universal credit interview)

Hi @Teresa1,

I hope I was able to get to you in time. I can understand why you may be feeling anxious about your interview, however, we have a lot of information on Universal Credit on our website which may put you at ease. You can find this information here -

You can also give our helpline a call and speak to one of advisers for more support on this, do give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,

Sorry this will be too late for you but for future reference you may like to check out this link. I have found it helpful in the past.

Hi thank you for your information about my universal credit meeting. I have a home visit for pip on Monday. Can anyone give me any advice I have not had one of these before. I have had a medical assessment for pip months ago, I went to see them. It was a formal office enviroment and was awful. I am dreading it really, but it has to be done. Many thanks .:hushed:

I have had at PIP assessment at home twice and found them ok. Can’t say I wasn’t a bit stressed because it is what it is but not having to worry about the journey is a major plus and there is a reassurance in being in your own home. On both occasions the assessors were on time. It is their job to put you at ease by explaining what is going to happen and why. On both occasions they asked to see me move as it were but nothing complicated can I reach up above my head that sort of thing. The conversation tended to pick up on what I had put on the form so may be worth having a quick read of your form just to refresh your memory. I don’t remember how long they took but it wasn’t overlong on either occasion. When anxious I present with increased involuntary movement so made a point of saying this so they were aware it was not a constant. You can request, and I recommend that you do, a copy of the written report. Not something I would choose to go through but if yours reflects mine, you’ll be ok. Let me know how you get on.

HI Tot. Thank you so much for your advice. Good idea to read through my report, and I will ask for a copy of their report, good idea ! I will let you know. Thanks again Teresa 1

You are very welcome, just to be clear although the assessor should tell you, you have to rung DWP after your assessment to ask for a copy of the report. The other thing I should have said is write down any questions you may have beforehand - one’s mind has a tendency to go blank during these things. I will be thinking of you.

How did you get on? Hope it wasn’t too awful.

Hi Tot I did send you an email don’t know where thats gone !!:thinking: My assessment was ok, unpleasant at times, but it’s over for now anyway. So I will wait 6 weeks then phone to see what is happening. Fingers crossed I will let you know. Teresa.

They are never easy, it is an assessment but it is virtually impossible not to see it as a test or that you are being judged, so well done for managing. There is nothing you can do until you get a decision, hopefully they won’t keep you waiting too long. I am convinced there is a black hole in cyberspace where all the docs are that DWP claim they haven’t received (the implication being I hadn’t sent them) along with other miscellaneous papers including, probably your email! Such is life.