Hi to all I am New to the forum I have been attending hospital regards symptoms I have been having these are tremors in my left hand more worse in morning my backwards balance is bad a few few times I have froze when doing something's the worst thing is the internal tremors I get I find it hard to button shirts.I have to go for a special scan which I think is a (dat scan) any info or help please a I am now feeling worried. They have said we are looking at Parkinson's but will have to wait.
Hi ferox welcome to the forum.

The one thing to remember with PD is that we are all different, from symptoms, meds, approach you name it!

This is a copy & paste from another message I posted earlier today,
The diagnostic route usually involves ruling out other conditions and seeing what's left. My Neuro said at the start that I'd got a good selection of PD symptoms but not enough to make it a definite diagnosis. I had a selection of tests for a range of conditions including Thyroid issues and Wilsons disease.

At the moment there is no single test to diagnose PD. As above I had tests an MRI scan of my brain etc, from what I've learnt along the way there are other conditions that can mimic some of the PD symptoms.

From first visit to Neuro to "yes it is PD" took 7 months, that said I started on the meds within a couple of weeks of that first appointment.

Here on the forum you will see PWP of all sorts of ages, at 49 I'm somewhere near the middle I guess!

If your diagnosis does prove to be PD don't panic. Its not the end of everything but the beginning of doing a lot of things in a different way and at a different speed.

This forum is very well supported with a wealth of information from those living with the condition, just post a question, it'd be very unusual not to get a reply or 50!

Regards Tractorman.
Hi Ferox,

Welcome to the forum, I am no longer the newest member!

I am the same age as Tractorman and just to highlight how different we all are, I got my diagnosis within 10 minutes of first seeing the specialist earlier this year! I think sometimes the symptoms are possibly easier to detect (although I have no tremor or cogwheel motion in my arms) and I am sure that medical history is equally part of the diagnosis. For example I have had sleep apnoea for a few years. Although often associated with weight issues (which mine wasn't) this can in some cases be an early indicator of Parkinsons.

I am finding that although initially the medication helped me, I am now not finding it far less effective. My research suggests that I may have possibly have one of the Parkinson's Plus problems, but am currently waiting to see the neurologist to hopefully get to the bottom of it.
How old are you .