hi there iam writing for a second time so bare with me if the message work first time i cant find it
hi everyone my name is darren had parkinson for 6 years dx 2 years ago meds are ropinirole xl 16mg amantadine 100mg x2 a day aged 46
my problem is when i go to the dentist to have a tooth out my tremor becomes uncontrollable and i feel like i been in a rugby match my whole body is so sore and stiff this is the second time this has happen any one had a similar experience my tremor is in my left leg and right arm:laughing:

Hi daz, welcome to the forum:smile:

Yes, I too have had similar experiences when visiting the dentist. It is normal to tremor when our emotions are heightened, even more so if you have Parkinson's. My tremor is worse when I am stressed, excited, nervous or anxious about something. If I over exert myself, this also can trigger off the tremor. I find the more I worry about the tremor the worse it makes it, it is a vicious circle. I try to think of nice thoughts, sing a song in my head, anything to distract my mind from anxious thoughts or what is going on, so I relax more. Please see the link below, it explains in greater depth.

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Hi daz,
Just want to Echo what Cutiepie said.I have had to explain to the Dentist because i was that bad.Going again for root canal treatment next week.Know i'm going to be shaking bad.
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I first noticed a tremor in my leg (before I was dx) when I went to the dentists. I have been once since dx
and although I agree that being nervous makes tremors worse, I also think it is the drill or any other vibrating thing they use. Presumably your body without PD would accommodate the vibration without you being aware.

hi there thanks for the replies i feel a little better now for knowing its not just me hope you all have a nice day thanks again:laughing::laughing::laughing:

I'm sure Eileenpatricia is right about the drill movement making the tremor worse. We got an electronic toothbrush recently and as soon as I use it on the left side of the lower jaw (my bad side) it starts to tremor. I'm not aware of a jaw tremor any other time and it stops a couple of minutes after I stop using it. It's just annoying. But I'm definitely not having tremor because of anxiety about the toothbrush.:smile:

For what it's worth Daz, I have started using Azilect which has changed my life. It not only makes the Sinemet work - my tremor stops whilst the meds are working - but makes the effects last longer. I am not aware that my temor starts up in the Dentist although I agree with everything that has been said about stress and excitement making the tremor worse