Helpful Gadgets


Apart from my Iphone and Ipad my latest gadget is a Kenwood electric tin opener, even works on those big flat tins of steak and ale pies smile


Whats your most useful gadget ?


Mine is using Word to type post, emails, Facebook messages,etc, as it auto-corrects more than the individual applications do. I copy and paste when finished typing up the message.

An adaptation I am pleased with for my handbag are two firm glasses cases with the tops cut off, so I can get my glasses (or sunglasses) or put them away easily with one hand. Each case has a clip which hangs onto each handbag pocket so that the cases stay put when the glasses are removed.


Mine is a battery operated jar opener.  Sadly it won`t open screw top bottles of wine.


Pleased to hear you can actually get a tin opener to open those steak and ale pies I have a couple of openers,so although not an ideal meal I thought I would give one a try and lucky me buy  one get one free !! well i started got very upset i tried both tin openers to no avail had to give in and shouted my son whooo it wasnt jut me he couldnt open the  the tin either i was going to contact Fray bentos for help but I will try the electric opener doesnt take much to make me happy if i can open a tin on my own i will be over the moon

thanks kyloe smile


I had to use an electric tin opener for my Fray Bentos fix. And keep persevering when it would stop part-way. It was an arduous task, but I achieved it. See my avatar. :)


Thank you so much for starting this thread.  I have great difficulty in removing pills from blister packs.

All your cooking comments got the insomniac grey cells thinking and I've just found that the wire tray we use for cooling down cakes etc. is perfect for putting blister packs on foil side down and simply pressing down on the bumpy side.  Out they popped, almost as satisfying as yorkshire puds coming out of their tins.

Filling up my weekly pill box rations is so much easier now.


Hi, I wanted to share my new purchase the Tabtime Super 8 medication dispenser. Now I am 53years of age work in the health profession and consider my self to still be pretty much on the ball where taking my meds were concerned but......there were times when in part due to fatigue and also being busy I would suddenly remember 'did I take my last lot of tablets?' . never would I have thought I would forget and even worse still not remember if I had taken them. My regime has just changed so I decided I needed something other than my mobile phone alarm. This Tabtime has worked brilliantly. Easy enough to set up and I put each days supply in at the end of the day ready for the morning. The alarm goes off and a light flashes until you have opened the numbered box. So far its working well. Bought mine off amazon but I think it is also available on this site.

I would recommend it to any one who like me forgets due to work or thinks yes do that in a minute and then goes onto something else and does not take them until I start to feel bad and then I think did I take them or not


Has anyone tried the Security Pole with Grab Bar, could be useful next to the toilet?


Glad to hear the electronic tin opener is helping others.

I'll be "Fray Bentosing" tonight so my new gadget will be working overtime mr green

Regarding pill reminders , if you have a smartphone there are numerous "Pill Reminder" apps both for Android phones and Iphones.

My latest gadget is a TENS machine, just arrived today. I'm using for pain relief and to tone up the muscles.

Its connected and sending pulses down my arm as i type, but too early to evaluate as to whether it will be affective.



my most useful gadget is an implement called a "handy bar". This little wonder helps me getting out of my car. It's an elongated T-shaped tool with a  foam covered handle with the business end almost like a mini pick. what happens is that when you want to get out of your car, you place the  end of the bar in the lock piece which is located on the  door pillar of the car. In this position the bar provides a means of pulling yourself up form your seat and then by shifting your  grip you can use the bar to steady yourself until you've gained your balance.

The handy bar is available in Halfords and Argos and costs around £22.