Helping Mum with Bladder Control

Both of my parents have been dx with Parkinsons. Dad is 87 and has been dx almost one year now. He is still able to walk around for short distances, although this is gradually getting worse. Mum is 82 and has been dx 7 years. She has had severe problems with hallucinations which meant she had to come off Sinermet, then Stalevo and is now on Madopar. This has reduced her movement considerably and she is struggling with toileting and washing (a care package is just about to be put in place having been resisted by both parents until now as they are both very private people and simply wouldn't tolerate the thought of other people entering their home). My husband and myself have been doing shopping, cleaning, clothes washing etc for what seems like forever. I am also struggling to make her realise that she needs to use some form of incontinence product all the time and from being an extremely fastidious person she now appears to think it is perfectly normal to have the bathroom floor awash because she hasn't made it to the toilet in time. Does anyone else have experience of this. I wondered if there is another drug which might help her (she has told me that she will not speak to her doctor about this but I am about to ring her doctor myself). Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
Hi BossyM,

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What a blow for you, both parents with Parkinson's!:(

I had similar problems with urge incontinence a few years ago and often had accidents on the way to the toilet. I had no choice but to wear an incontinence pad (by the way, there are some very discreet incontinence products available) otherwise I would not of been able to go anywhere. What helped me was adjusting the strength of Levadopa (madapar, sinemet)and taking it more frequently. I was on the same daily dosage but smaller doses taken more frequently. Within days my bladder control returned. Below is a link to a booklet which i think you will find useful. You can print it off or phone the helpline 08088000303 and request a copy of the booklet to be sent to you.

There are drugs that can help urge incontinence and this can be discussed with your mum's PDN/Neuro. I also tried Madapar and it had no control over my PD symptoms. Is your mum on any other medication besides Madapar? I ask this because I have also had problems with hallucinations in the past.

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Hi BossyM,

If your mother could see that incontinence products such as Tena Lady, which can cope with quite serious amountst of fluid are mainstream, i.e. side by side with other products on the supermarket shelves it might help her to realise that it is not the unmentionable subject it once was and is a problem which affects as many as one in four women to a greater or lesser extent. Although I know in your eighties it is difficult to change how you feel about things

My mother and my friends Aunt used to deny the problem and blank the knowledge of their little and not so little accidents which meant wet car seats and worse wet chair in the Estate Agents. The Aunt used to blame her young nieces and
nephews where she lived for the damp spots on the furniture. Aint life grand!!!

Has your mother been tested for bladder infection which can cause confusion in the elderly , affect how the meds work and be the cause of urge incontinency which adds to the problem - I can personally vouch for the fact that there are very effective tablets for this