Helping My Dad to continue to cook

Hi All,

Wondering if an air fryer is a way forward for my cooking-obsessed Dad? I’d prefer him not to have to bend down to get things out of the oven, for a start, but hopefully the problem of getting trays of hot fat in and out for roast potatoes should be easier ? Any experience/ideas/suggestions? He spends the whole morning cooking! Thanks.

Hello C
I’ve used a counter top oven for years, no bending down to an oven and if you get a half decent one it will take standard trays. These days you can also get very good multi function ones too that do all sorts including air fry. Worth looking at.
I have a worktop saver nexr to mine so when taking things out of the oven I have somewhere to quickly put it down safely. They reach temperature quickly and often there is no need to preheat. My main oven, even though waist height is rarely used since getting my counter top one.
hope this helps.

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Hi C,

I agree with Tot totally, he makes a lot of sense.
There is however one other ‘implement’ that may help, for you too Tot.
I have a Sharp microwave, that is not only a microwave but a convection oven and griller as well.
Perhaps something like that will make a difference.

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Thank you CliveV, I was already looking to upgrade to something that takes account of more recent technology. Much as I love my counter top it is several years old and definitely past it’s best. I think I have more or less decided on what I want but will take a look at the Sharp - always worth checking out a personal recommendation, thank you.

Pleasure Tot,

Just to let you know.
I’ve had it for 8 years now , and never had a problem.

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