Hemp oli

Has any one out there tried hemp oil and has it helped with any areas of parky
Health shops now sell it but its quite expensive for a little bottle

Hi mr becks i use cbd (hemp based) oil from holland and barret it has improved my sleep and anxiety i take 2 drops am. and 3 drops before bed each bottle contains approx.240 drops hope this info helps

I bought some off Amazon to try, they are 1000mg capsules and you get 100 for £7.99 just taking one per day.


Any good Les?

Thanks for the reply’s
I got some online from Holland and Barrett and have been using it for a couple of days and last night I slept better than I have for ages but saying that I have been having some off days this week and was tired so I’m hoping it’s not just a one off I’m going to keep trying it and I’ll keep you posted

Can’t really tell you at the moment but may be they are. Someone said the other day that my walking seems to have improved but honestly Hubby I cannot say.