Hepatic Encephalopathy

Hi Everybody

I tried this once before and had no response so am being hopeful and trying again.

My husband has end stage liver disease due to a Genetic Fault,

One of the side effects, which is rare, is Hepatic Encephalopathy, whereby toxins that are not being cleared by the Liver cross the brain/blood barrier.

This causes all sorts of neurological symptoms. Mike's, again rare, and are actually parkinsons symptoms.

I am just wondering if there is anybody else out there who has Parkinsons due to Liver Disease..

He is hoping for a Transplant but apparently because his Liver is holding out, even though Cirrhosed, it is affecting the rest of his body in other ways and he is having trouble being accepted for a Transplant.

I don't know how my Parkinson's came to be.

I was diagnosed with ideopathic parkinson's. This presumably means you've got Parkinson's we don't know why and really can't be bothered to find out.

I have self diagnosed the cause as being due to my having Gilbert's Syndrome. This was discovered when I went for a medical for a job.

Kernicterus is where bilirubin penetrates the brain during infancy, due to the blood/brain barrier not being fully developed, and is deposited in cell bodies (gray matter), especially the basal ganglia, causing irreversible damage.

That's my theory anyway.
Hi Cabbyannie, I'm no expert or doctor but I have regular blood tests, as do many others with PD I suspect, due to the amount of meds we take, so surely, if our PD was a symptom of a liver condition wouldn't it present in blood tests?

Just a thought!!

My husband gets regular blood tests recently for Vit B