Hereditary Parkinson's and IVF

Quite a specific query but has anyone had any experience in testing if their parents Parkinson’s could be hereditary?

Background: I am hoping to start IVF next year and I assume I’ll be asked about family history. My dad has Parkinson’s. No one else in our family does that we know of.

I appreciate on paper it’s low odds, but I don’t want to be blind-sighted at the IVF clinic if they insist I am tested for Parkinson’s or that the embryos are.

I like many would prefer to live my life not knowing if I will later develop the disease, but this IVF may force my hand?

If anyone has any advice please do help!!
Thank you Emma

There is no test for Parkinson’s as yet - many people struggle to get a diagnosis. Hoping your IVF goes well.