Hey Mr Parkinson!

Hey Mr Parkinson
What’s it today?
What dance will we dance?
What game will we play.

Maybe a freeze
Maybe a fall
Bang my head
Against a wall

It’s all good fun
For you I guess
Although it leaves me
In a mess

Then could it be
That kind of day
I sometimes think
You’ve gone away?

You trick and tease
You lie and cheat
You break my heart
Then you repeat

But I’ve got wiser
To your games
I won’t pour petrol
On your flames

I won’t let you
Get to me
I’ll stay positive
I’ll stay free

You’re not going to
Grind me down
I am going to swim
Not drown

If life’s a game
That I can’t win
I’ll play it fully
I’ll smile and grin

And bear the bad
Fight the fight
Every day
And every night

Enjoy the good times
Have some fun
Keep Mr Parkinson
On the run

For I believe
With all my heart
It’s not the winning
It’s the taking part.


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Brilliant, brought a real smile to my face