Hi all, another new one to the forum

Hi, Dave here, aged 48. had a shake for a while and was put down to an essential tremor until April 2020 when a specialist that works a couple of days a week at my DRs saw a red flag and Parkinson’s came to light. Propranolol was prescribed to help with shakes. Then I started having problems with swallowing but that is under control now with the help of speech and languages. I was lucky in that respect as no one could call me as I wasn’t diagnosed at hospital but they set it up so I could ring them.

Yesterday was my hospital appointment, outcome is PD and Sinemet 25/100 is the prescription.

In my head I knew but yesterday made it real.

Hi @strumjough

A very warm welcome to the forum, I am sure the community will soon share their experiences with you. In the meantime why not contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303 or email: [email protected] and have a chat with one of our advisers who will be able to answer all your questions and send you some of our publication. In addition have a look at the newly diagnosed section of our website here - https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/newly-diagnosed-parkinsons

I hope this helps.

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@strumjough hello Dave, welcome to the forum where you will find us sharing views and concerns on a variety of subjects. If not too late don’t Google Parkinson’s you get information overload and some of it makes it sound like that’s it.
I was dx at 54 carried on with a very strenuous job involving lots of travelling and having a busy family and social life mr parky and parky or parkinsons, always a small p as it is something I have but does not define who I am.

4 years on life is a lot slower, a change of job role so less stress and hardly any work related travel. Yes I am slower, yes I can’t do something’s I use to do but I have tried lots of new things. Stay active, stay enjoying what you do know even if you have to adapt how you do it. Don’t rush in to making big changes and you will know when things need to change so you can carry on. There will be good days and bad days, but even on bad days there will be something positive you just need to find it.

I am sure you will get lots of support and advice on here, my parting line ‘Chose to be happy bdcause it’s good for your health,’ :sunglasses:

Hi I to am new to Parkinson’s ,my own doctor has referred me to my local hospital mobility clinic but had nothing back for an appointment till then don’t think I can access any medication that might help.Just wondering how to get some sort of formal diagnosis and access to medical help.

Regards John F.

Hi @bf35whep

Welcome to the forum, I am sure many will share theor eperiences with you, in the meantime have a look at the information on our website regrding diagnosis - https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/professionals/resources/parkinsons-diagnosis-experiences. You can also contact our help line on 0808 800 0303 or email: [email protected] where our experienced advisers will be able to help you.

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