Hi All

Hello everyone. My name is Scott and i am 26.

I'm not sure if i have posted this in the correct section, I would like some advice if possible.

My grandfather had parkinsons and all my life family members have commented on how alike i am to him in looks and personality. Over the last few years I have had problems with my memory, forgetting things a few hours later, even very important things I would forget the next day. On occasions my partner will tell me that i have asked the same question 5 times within a couple of hours.

I have also noticed a stutter with my speech sometimes. Obviously not constant or excessive but through out the day when I'm speaking its like my mouth is moving faster than my brain and I stutter a couple of words to the point I just change the word.

I don't know if it is true or a myth of what family members are telling me but if there is a family history of Parkinson's is there a possibility I could be in line for it? Is there a test that can be done at my current age? I'm worried my doctor will not take me seriously.

Thank you for reading everyone.
hi Scott
(anyone reading this please correct me if i say anything not accurate)
the vast majority of pd is not hereditary
memory and stuttering are not usual early signs
i presume your grandfather is at least 76 - so its not early onset pd so not hereditary and if it was you've got 50 years to wait
not making light of your worries - but i doubt pd is the problem.
perhaps you're under stress though?
take care
Hi Scott
I agree with Turnip.
Hereditary links in PD seem to be rare though not impossible.
It is possible to get a test. In my case I was tested after diagnosis
to determine if my kids were likely to be at risk. (they are not :-) )
I assume the same test could answer your question at least in part.
There are certainly lots of other things that can cause the memory symptoms
you describe and stress is high on that list.
If you are worried it is worth talking to your GP

Hello Scott1102,

As has already been said the symptoms you describe are not ones I have ever come across in thirty years of our lives of being involved with Parkinsons's, my husband has had the condition for thirty years and we have met many people both young and old also some where the condition has been passed down through family.
It sounds more like stress related, I agree with Turnip and Elegant Fowl so do please see a doctor as worrying about it will make you feel worse. do let us know how things go for you. best wishes
Hi Scott
I started to stutter 15 year qgo then I strangely went away but my speech sped up and is now very low sounding,but not everyone is the same.dont sit on it though like the rest say its best to get checked out.have you any other symptoms.i.e.pain anywhere.
hi everyone,
i'm a newbie on the forum - i am 54 yrs and been dx with pd since 18mths or so ago but only feeling more symptoms now - i am in Aberdeen suburbs and want to arrange a coffee to meet with similar age or yp's in Aberdeenshire. i have missed the YP in Stirling the last 2 septembers due to unfit to travel and am frustrated at lack of sharing with similar people my own age. Aberdeen have good monthly meetings if you are older but not a lot of us youngies attend - or are too embarrassed - whatever - anyonoe out there want to join me sometime soon? i am an ex secretary/PA in oil industry but studying a postgrad in Counselling at Aberdeen uni part-time and have problems with weak use of right arm and hand and drag on right leg - and some strange speech now and again but not too noticeable - am trying to follow a holistic approach as tummy very sensitive to chemicals so not on Ropinarole as suggested yet!
Hello Destiny,
Welcome to the forum, I hope you find someone living in your area that you can meet and exchange useful information.
You say that you feel a bit young to be at the local branch but might I suggest that you are the future branch. I know it is not for everyone and you have to feel ready to join a group, but you seem to be a social person, perhaps you could contribute to the branch or just join and watch for a while to see whether you may like to get involved.
My husband and I were in our thirties when he was diagnosed so we belonged to both groups for a few years before traveling made it to difficult to go, so we started a branch in our area after putting an article in the local paper and several people came forward and like us wished to start a branch. There was about fifteen of us to start with but we soon became 40 plus and when I retired there was 178 and counting.
We started just meeting people for lunch in the local pub always a good way to start and just grew so that we have moved halls four times in all.
Everyone must do as they wish of course but branches will not keep going or only getting older people attend until younger people join, everyone has so much to give and share it is a shame not to get involved.
Whatever you do you will always find plenty of support on the forum so I look forward to seeing you again.
best wishes
Hi scott,

I have just been to a geneticist appointment this morning with my mum (I am in Australia if that makes any difference). She has alzheimers and has just been diagnosed recently with parkinsons.

He (geneticist) clearly told us that there is not much science to indicate that parkinsons is genetic at all at this point, it's more random. he made it clear that he wasn't doing the genetic testing for parkinsons at all, because it's not considered by geneticists to be a heredetory disease.

I hope that eases your mind somewhat.