Hi big in here isn't it!


Hi there all. This is my first time posting in any forum. I never thought I needed it before.....how wrong was I. My husband has had PD for 12 years now. We've been tootling along nicely but in the last few months everything seems to be progressing at breakneck speed.  We've got a boat which we bought so he could continue with his fishing which we do a lot. It's a godsend cos if nothing else works I can always get hiim to go fishing. I sew a lot it keeps me busy when he's sleeping which is a lot. That'll do for now I'm not sure what else to write ☺ x




i go fishing as well, just the shore as i live by the sea or freshwater these days, i used to go out on a old open 20ft crab boat after herring,sprats,long lineing or a bit of trawling for sole which we used too haul by hand and angling from the boat, but i like my feet on dry land these days, i don't go as much as i used to, but still try, to compete with this illness technically with my hands, keep my ability up,a fish or two along the way.


We're in the thames estuary on the river Medway. We've got a 25ft seamaster and go out as often as possible. Mainly sea bass and rays in the summer cod and whiting in winter. I do all the ropes etc. Dave helps where he can. We take our grandkids with us in summer. My grandaughter who's 6 caught her first dogfish this year. She loves it. The good thing is it gives us quality time together where Dave is a lot livelier.




that's the thing about Angling it is quality time you can forget all your worries & cares and All on your own terms.

tight lines& bendy rods as they say!!.


welcome kooky04

                             its always nice to have new members to this forum as everyone can help each other out !


Thank you Gus. It took me a while but I got here in the end!