Hi everbody

I was diagnosed with parkinsons in nov 2008. I am 61 this year and also disabled. I live on my own so have no one to cause problems to. But sometimes i need to talk. I was told about this forum by the secretary of the mid cornwall group and said i would give it a try.:flushed:
hiya fab welcome to the forum ,there are plenty of kind people on here to have a chat with ,iam 41 been dx since i was 34 ,hope to see u around the forum x:smile:
Hello! Any questions just ask....there's usually someone who has experienced what you need to know.
Welcome to the forum,i,m 46,diagnosed November.Hope to chat again.
All the best
Hello Fab nice to meet you, you ask all you like and its great to chat
Hi Fab, welcome to this mottley crew of fellow pd'ers;
as you can see from the previous posts, theyr'e a friendly bunch
and any problems or questions you have I'm sure will be dealt
promplty by someone. Happy posting.:sunglasses:
morning fab-they are all correct-you are not alone.
Hi Fab, its annied you replied to my private message yesterday. I think I have learned how to use the site better well I only think. so I keep practicing. Hope you are ok today. Have a good one