Hi everybody

Hi everybody, I'm a early onset Parkinson person... I was diagnosed aged 34 in 1994... I'm here to try and see how others cope with this awful illness and hopefully make some new friends along the way...

Thankyou ~ Dirky :wink:

Welcome to the forum.

OH was not as young as you at diagnosis but still youngish and with young children.

Hopefully you will get more posts from Yappers, that's young people diagnosed with P, and maybe there is a Yappers or support group or branch in your area. You can find details of your local branch on the forum, meanwhile keep posting.

Hi & thankyou benji for welcoming me to the forum. I attend local PD branch meetings every month and I often go to the weekly meetings too, depending how I feel on the day.
They provide great support and reassurance and they couldn't be more friendly. The weekly group have days out to the coast and various places of interest. It's amazing how P effects each of us differently too.

Thankyou again benji, I hope you're having a good day...

Dirky :wink:

Hello, Dirky, and welcome!

I didn't show PD symptoms until my 50's but have had this delightful gift for 16 years now. With several medications, I am doing well, but I am daily aware of PD. It sounds as if you already have a good local network of support, yet I think you'll enjoy and benefit from this forum, too. I have learned a lot from its participants.

Best wishes.

Hi & thankyou J, living with PD is a vast learning curve, learning all the time and it's a very trying,tiring & exhausting illness as many will know.

I hope you're having a good day J..

Best wishes ~ Dirky :wink:


Hi there, when I think back knowing what I know now signs were there that parkinson's  disease was lurking on the horizon, it feels a little spooky.... The first time I'd heard parkinson's mentioned was when I was lorry driving for a living and on a regular run to a firm in Wimbledon in London, and whilst I was unloading the catering equipment, the guy from the firm saw my right hand shaking as I was untying the straps... he said "It looks like you've got a touch of the ol' parkinson's there matey!".. I didn't give it much thought at the time.

Dirky ;)


Hello again, Dirky --

Most of us can see in retrospect the first symptoms of PD that we didn't recognize at the time.  For me, gastroparesis and difficulty swallowing were early symptoms.  The former stayed with me, but I haven"t had any further trouble swallowing in the past 15 years or so.  Meanwhile, of course, I developed a variety of other, more typical symptoms:  tremor, awkward gait, difficulty with cutlery, shrinking handwriting, inability to swim.  But once I started on medication (Mirapex first), all of those disappeared except the trouble with cutlery.

I know that in the future, some or all of them will return, perhaps accompanied by even worse symptoms, but I do what I can:  exercise a lot, take the right balance of meds., and maintain a positive attitude. 

Keep smiling!  It helps.    J