Hi everyone


Hi my name is Josie I will be 47 on Friday and was diagnosed when I was 43 the day after my birthday. Since starting sinemet and rotigotine patch I have gained 2 stone!! I feel so unattractive but can’t shift it. I was a nursery nurse but lost my job after losing my balance and feeling dizzy. On a plus side my Grandson arrived he is 2 and a half and in my care. I adore children and animals. My dad has Alzheimer’s so I am kept busy visiting him every other day and taking care of my Grandson.


Hi JosieD
You sound to be a very busy woman. Many happy returns for tomorrow.

I had always been somewhat overweight but have managed to lose a couple of stones this year. The only way I have succeeded has been not to eat anything much after 5pm. I have breakfast and lunch and then in the evening just a bit of fruit and some nuts. It has worked for me, and somehow I don’t feel hungry.

good luck with it all.


Hi Audrey and thank you I have a lovely birthday.
I am joining slimming world on Thursday :blush:.
Hope you are well.


Hi JosieD

You seem to be coping wirh everything so well. Hope the Slimming World helps - I have heard good things about them.