Hi everyone

Hi everyone
After a tentative diagnosis in 2004 by my GP, and subsequent visits to neurology departments, PD was confirmed last month. I’m 62 and retired from my post as a university lecturer two years ago. I consider myself extremely lucky to have completed my working life successfully before PD was finally identified.
Incidentally, as well as the other disagreeable symptoms, I have a very noticeable shake/tremor, but this stops after a pint or so of lager. I don’t overdo it now, but I was pleasingly reassured by comments here about alcohol and medication.
Wish I could still type without striking multiple letters. Enjoy the rest of the weeeeek.

hiya drtrev welcome to the forum:smile:im ali ive been dx for 11 years and im 42 years old:smile:i dont personally drink no more cus im on high dose of morphine,and it not mix:rolling_eyes: but ive been a naughty lass before now when feelin poop and got me baileys out,all i can say is that it calms me well down ,tremors as well,and makes me sleep like a log:laughing:one way of gettin a full nite kip in:smile:anyway ,hope to see you around the froum,pop in the cafe and i do ya a cocktail:wink::smile:

Hi DrTrev, welcome aboard.
I'm Ray, dx in 2000, now age 61.
This is a great place for advice, sympathy, shouldlers to cry on, jokes, games, general chat or anything else you need.
Many of us have sleep problems, so there's usually someone here 24x7 if you're awake and bored.
Hope to chat sometime.

Morning Dr Trev...

As Ray of Sunshine says we can be a nocturnal crowd (bit like owls, except can't
move my neck like they can!)... Just wanted to say "welcome" - like you I am
"ex-Education", was a College Bursar for last 17 years prior to decent early-retirement package at 59 (now 66)..not the easiest job,but loved it and all the interaction... and, yes, you're right, we were lucky to see our jobs through to retirement - (esp. when you see how young some of our friends here on the Forum are)... A little bit about me - not got tremor, but got the rigidity/stiffness and
slowness - o.k. until I think about it, then would be in line for New Year's Honour for services to fretting/panicking!.. get involved in a few things (distraction works well for me.. as does a G&T/red wine and good company)..

Many here advocate exercise and I would similarly subscribe to that (as best you can) - I'm still able to go to the Gym and do some "stuff".. AND.. all here are good company.. great 'listeners', encouragers, empathisers - HelpLine excellent too, if like me, sometimes you need reassurance - You've come to the right place - welcome... and enjoy your weekend knowing you've made new friends.. bursardavid.