Hi everyone


I was diagnosed 12 months ago and have retired from work.
I have been inspired to write poetry and have written three books ...

The first is called Shaken but not stirred - about living with Parky

The second is touching the silence - teen suicide

The third Know when to fold them - gambling addiction

I have posted three poems on the creative corner post area.

I have also founded Happy Hands Foundation to help orphans in Thailand ... I guess Parky has opened my eyes

If you like to see all my work visit www.murfic.com.au it is all available free

very nicely produced web site. where about in australia are you? i am in new england nsw.

actually melbourne, was there last month, rather chilly. was the only person in the entire city wearing a cowboy hat.

welcome to puk forum,ive read your poems ,really good well done:smile:

Hi Turnip ... thanks
I am in Melbourne

Hi all...

I have just posted another three poems about me and Parky on Creative Corner ... enjoy

I have just posted another three poems in creative corner ... enjoy

9 more poems from SHAKEN BUT NOT STIRRED posted in the second instalment post on creative corner