Hi everyone

Hi everyone,
As you can tell from the name, my mum has PD, and I'm an only child living 180 miles away from her and dad. Mum was diaganosed 3 years ago and seems to have taken a turn for the worse this year. She's getting more confused and really struggles with logical or time related information. She's anxious about her medication and when to take it, despite having it explained over and over as simply as possible by dad and I.

I can see there are lots of sub forums here that look really helpful, so I'll take a good look around.
Thanks to PUK for hosting something so useful!
Best wishes.
Welcome mymumhasparkinsons
as you have probably seen there are loads of warm and helpful people here with experience of all aspects of life with Parkinson's. I hope you will find the forum to be as helpful as I do.
you dont say which medication your mum is on but some of it can be quite time critical. Some types can be given in controlled release oral form where the timing is less critical. Have you spoken to your mum's neurologist or PD Nurse? You can also try the Parkinson's UK helpline. The superstars there will give you top class advice on any aspect of medication
Keep posting & keep telling us how you get on

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Welcome mymumhasparkinsons

As you have already found there is a lot of information and supporton here,
I hope that your mother sees her consultant again soon and thatperhaps she is in needs of a reveiw of her medication. It is alway a good idea to with her and talk through with the doctor your concerns.
best wishes
hi ya welcome to puk forum,im ali ive been dx 11 half years im 43 years old.its a shame you live 180 miles away from you parents,and bein the only child i feel for you.has your mom got a neuro,and a pd nurse at all,if so the pd nurse will give you a mobile number to them them personally,or your dad will be givern it,so if there any problems you can get advice quickly,sometimes answer machine comes on ,but leave message they do come back to you,they normally in hospitals and mobiles on silent.as other members have already rte in there posts about helpline here on puk ,agin ,a quick way of havin advice for both of you at hand.keep in touch with us all,there is lovley members here on puk forum whom will surport you and your family as good as we can as well.x ali x:smile:
Hi there mymumhasparkinsons

Welcome to the forum. As you can see by the replies so far, there are many people out there with much pd experience both as a sufferer and a carer. Any time you come on the forum you can be assured of helpful advice. As an only child you will find it difficult living so far away from your parents. I am sure that you will find many people will be willing to help you cope with things. Have a word with your pd nurse if your mum has one I am sure she will be able to advise you on the best steps to take. Keep your pecker up and try not to worry. If things start to get on top of you, just give your friends on the forum a yell. All the best

Welcome, if you haven't already tried the pill box containers I'm wholeheartedly for them. I keep three weeks made up ready and although my other half forgets to take them it keeps me on track as to what he takes and when. There are different types on the market so have a good look. Also check if they are eligible for Attendance Allowance as this may provide a means to pay for someone to come in and check that meds have been taken and also to take the worry from your shoulders a little bit.
Hello mymumhasparkinsons and welcome to the forum. Ive had pd for 11 years now and over that time I have tried many ways to make life easier. I have always been terrible keeping to the timings of my meds and it is very important to take them regularly. I now use the medication wallets and I distribute the whole months pills into the individual strip boxes. I then have the times to take the meds on my mobile telephone, this way I am reminded wherever I am. This works for me but I'm sure there are lots of other people using their own methods, that might contribute to your post.