Hi everyone

Hi everyone, I'd like to just introduce myself, I'm "Leogirl" and I was dx at the end of 2008 after a couple of years of not feeling well in one way or another.

I will be celebrating my sixtieth birthday later on this year and I've been married to my lovely husband for almost 39 years, we never had any children. Hubby is truly wonderful and I would be totally lost without him.

I spent most of my working life as a secretary, but later on had a brief spell as a cook and then as a doctor's receptionist. I decided to retire in 2005 as my husband took early retirement. We used to like to travel far and wide on holidays, but that's been curtailed somewhat at the moment as I'm struggling a bit trying to find the right medication and routine to suit me.

I look forward to chatting with other people who understand the problems.
Hi Leogirl, welcome.

It's quiet in here today which is unusual. I expect everyone is asleep!

I'm Ray, 61, diagnosed in 2000 at age 50. However looking back I can now see the symptoms starting to develop over several decades prior to that.

I took early retirement at age 53 in 2003, and I am cared for by my wife, bless her.

Look forward to chatting again. If it's 3am and you can't sleep there's usually someone around. Alternatively there are games to play and puzzles to solve.

Everyone's very friendly, and there's masses of support should you need it, or indeed if you can provide support to others.

Take care.
Hi Leogirl and welcome to the forum.

I’m 52, married with two grown up children and have been dx for just over 2 years.I suffer more with stiffness, slowness and a slight tremor. My symptoms seem to be under control thanks to the drugs!

I hope you find the forum as helpful as i do, there is always someone to talk to who understands so you never feel on your own.

Big C
Hi Ray of Sunshine (I just love that user name) thanks for your reply. Yes I have plenty of sleepless nights, I find my MP3 player and my headphones a great help, in fact I find music a great help at all times. I've recently joined a parkinsons exercise class where we exercise to music, really enjoying it:grin:,I come out of there worn out!

Thank you Big C for your reply as well, it's nice to know there are people to talk to.
Hi again.

60th birthday coming up, eh? To be honest I hardly noticed mine 19 months ago, they're only numbers now. I think the 30th was th worst: I suddenly realised I was out of my 20s and not a kid any more - I had to start acting like an adult! Little did I know that when I got to 50 I'd get this stupid condition for a gift!

Spend some time finding your way around the site. A relatively un-busy front page hides a huge mass of information and experience. Whatever you problem, and however alone you feel, someone will probably have experienced it before and talked about it on here. The Search facility is good too: just a couple of keywords and it's away. I've had the weirdest of symptoms from my PD which I found almost impossible to describe, but when I finally managed to share them it turned out scores of other PwP had experienced exactly the same!

Any problems contact the Moderator or the Help Line (see top of page), they're very friendly. Or you can PM other members if you wish.

Be careful though: all posts are visible to non-members, although they can't post themselves, so anything you type can potentially be read by 7 billion others! Anything you write could appear on others' screens if they do s Google search, even if they've never heard of you.

Take care.

Welcome to PUK you will find lots of help and support here and early birthday wishes!
Thanks BJS :grin: