Hi everyone

Well where do I start, I'm male aged 47, Craa is Manx language for shake, tremble, i find i gotta keep my sense of humour.

I was first diagnosed in 2005 aged 41. I first time I thought there was something not right was the previous year when I went skiing. Went up the lift to the top of the run, having not skied since the previous year, set of down the easy run and found I couldn't turn right very fast but ok going left. This carried on all week, made interesting skiing. On the last day I fell getting of a drag lift hurting my shoulder.

Back home got physio for my shoulder and also , I thought long term bad back, the physio kept asking if there was anything else wrong but i didn't think other than back no.

I battled on with "bad back" till early 2005, when skiing time came went snowmobileing instead. The stiff back was by now slowing my walking a bit causing a slight stoop and my left arm not to swing when walking. So after much hassle from my wife i went to the GP, who without any doubt said it was Parkinsons.

Was sent to specialist who confirmed the GPs diagnosis. I was put on Azalect and left to get on with it, my walking getting worse and a tremor appearing in my left hand. Work was getting more difficult but I managed but getting worse.

In 2008 we decided it would be a good idea to move to a bungalow cause of my poor walking. The bungalow we bought needed renovating, but trying to get trades people in was damn near impossible so we ended up doing it ourselves, but by now getting up at 0630hrs was terrible with my wife having to dress me.

So in late summer 2008 was eventually put on simenet, giving me a hour window 3 times a day. Things on the house were going slowly but they were progressing. In 2009 our company decided to restructure , resulting in me being made an financial offer i couldn't refuse, so in April 2009 I retired.

Late summer that year the meds were eventually sorted to the right levels and my life came back to near normal, house being done quicker, my walking was improving
i always said working was bad for you.

Now i can go hiking again, do everything I want, just have to avoid bacon, god I love bacon butties, and live my life round meds time. So after 4 really crap years the last 2.5 have been a good. Would have been a nightmare though without my wife's help and understanding, a brilliant woman.

Well there you have it, my story, obviously there will not be a happy ending but the middle bit is good at the moment.

Welcome. Congratulations on coming out of lurkerdom.
Interesting to read your skiing story - looking back I now realise that my first symptoms of PD occured on a ski holiday. I was an enthusiastic and reasonably fit skier. In 2003 I found myself inexplicably struggling. I put it down to being slightly unfit and unused to lovely deep fresh fluffy powder snow (sigh). I realise now there was more to it. It was more than a year after that before other symptoms prompted me to visit my GP.

I have hardly skiied since but that was the result of kids arriving - not an effect of PD.

Like you, I have the support of a wonderful wife. I know this condition can be so hard on the people close to you.

CRAA....hello and welcome to the forum from another resident of the rock in the middle of the Irish Sea, are you a Manxie or a come over?

Radz x
I'm a genuine Manxie.
Hello again and very pleased to meet you, I came over 35 years ago and stayed but still classified as a come over.

Hope you find folk here warm and welcoming and get help you are searching for.

Radz x
Hi Craa, welcome to the forum and thank you for posting your story. I have no doubt it will give hope and reassurance to other newbies who join this merry crew on the forum.

Best wishes
Thanks very much for your story and very best wishes to you and your wife.
My husband was diagnosed last year and put on Azilect.Recently he has experienced shoulder and knee pains.