Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone

Not sure if i should be posting in this forum or not, as i have not been diagnosed with Parkinsons. I don't know what is wrong with me, have an appointment with neurology in six weeks time, but really need to find people to talk to who have been through the same thing that i'm going through.
Hello and a big welcome to you sbw.......of course you should be posting on this forum....it is here for everyone who have concerns about PD be they carers, family or even friends.

This forum has reams of knowledge from many different people and I am sure should you read through all the topics (and there are many) you will be able to also gather knowledge.

You have taken the first step, hope to see you around the forum, there are folk here day and night and you will find someone to chat with or if you have any questions ask and I bet you many many members will jump in to help you.

All the best
Radz x
Hello and welcome sbw, Talk away.

It was literally years before I got a definite diagnosis. I knew that something was "up", but did not have the words to explain it. 6 weeks seems a long time doesn't it, but hang on in there. I suggest that you take a printed out statement of your symptoms and concerns to your neurologist Mine certainly appreciates it. Sometimes they do not ask the questions to which you want answers and you may not have the confidence to interrupt the standard consultation.

I wish you the very best of luck. And please, remember that a diagnosis of pd, whilst not the greatest of news, is not the end of the world

Take care
Welcome Sbw ... I think we all start much the same way . My husband is the one with Parkinsons but we were both aware something was wrong What would we do without the internet !! It has a mine of information.

Its 7 years since my husband went to the Gp and asked if he might have Parkinsons . At that time we didnt know anything about it . We now know it is such a complex condition . He was told no and sent home with BP medication and told to go to se an osteopath . He did this for 3 years until he eventually went back feeling much worse

Just like you he had to wait a long 6 weeks for an appt with the Parkinsons consultant .

My advice is to join the Parkinsons UK and search for as much information as you can on here ..

Dont be afraid to ask anything you might be worrying about . Start making lists and keeping a record of how you are feeling any of the funny feelings and difficulties you have . Your sleep problems , mobility and mental/ moods . Take it with you and give it to your consultant . That way you wont come away feeling sorry that you have forgotten the things you wanted to say to him . Good luck . If you are given mediactaion . be patient with it it sometimes takes a while for it to take a positive effect