Hi everyone

I'm 62yrs old and was diagnosed in June 2009. Having had lots of problems for a number of years and had a number of surgical investigatiions, traction and then an operation to remove a large 'bulge' in my neck, I eventually decided to go to see an osteopath. She was brilliant. She very quickly sorted out some of the pain. After my third session she told me she was writing to my doctor to recommend he refer me to a neurologist as she thought my problems could be neurological rather than physical. My doctor was also supportive and I was referred to a neurologist who diagnosed quickly PD. It was an absolute shock to me but I soon accepted the diagnosis with the help of my husband, close friends and the local PD group. I knew very little about PD but by reading lots of PD leaflets and talking to other sufferers I have realised that everyone is different. I had to get on with my life or become a depressed woman who considered her life over. We had wanted to travel when we retired and so my husband and I decided to change the order of places to visit and go to the places that may be more challenging. The first place we went to was China. Wow! I soon learnt that I was weaker than I thought I was but with a positive attitude my enjoyment of life was still very strong.
I started taking Rasigiline but have now been put on Ropinirole instead . I consider myself lucky that I can take my medication with very few side effects. We have a superb PD Nurse who although I have not needed to contact her without my regular appointmnet, I know will always be there if I need her. My life is as good as before my diagnosis but I know when to take things easy and rest if I need to.
Hi Benje,

A warm welcome to the forum where you will find lots of encouragement and practical help.

I was diagnosed in 2009 after a car accicent which I now know to have been a blessing in disguise as it accelerated (temporarily) the PD symptoms and led to a PD dx six months later or like you I too would probably have gone on for years getting no answer to the increasing stiffness in my hips particularly and other odd symptoms which had been going on for some years. Like you I am lucky not to have had any side effects from the medication and with exercise am now probably fitter at the age of 72 than I was five years ago. In fact, I am off to Nepal in February which at fifty I weould not have seen myself doing at 72 with or without PD.
I envy the both of you! I always suffer from side effects, nausea, constant dizziness. Doesn't seem to matter what i try.

Despite this though, i work full time and keep doing whatever i can to keep my mind and body active.