Hi Forum

I am a self-employed roofer and have just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the ripe old age of 48. I could do with some advice and have put a post on the newly diagnosed page. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

regards John
Hi John

In my opinion, you will have to read through the forum to sift the helpful tips. Remembering every case is different and threads are usually written corresponding to each individual's condition or 'stage'?, and some members have coped with PD for quite a few years since diagnosis.

That said, do as much as you can to stay active, and seek physiotherapy every opportunity you can, to help improve and maintain good muscle tone while addressing the areas of nerve tissue damage, etc.

Most of all, relax and remain positive; even taking the opportunity to discover new hobbies and skills along the way.

Regards Andy
Hi John and welcome
If you work as a roofer I should Parkinson's is the last thing you need. However, pd can be quite successfully controlled by the right medication and indeed can remain fairly mild for many years. A positive, upbeat attitude is most important. Don't fall victim to the "black dog" of depression. He will devour you given half a chance!
Don't forget, there is always someone to talk to here on the forum.

Chris. :wink: