Hi from Kent

Hi, I am the daughter-in-law of a lovely man who has parkinsons. Joined this forum as I was looking for info for him.:grin:

hi dilruth welcome to the forum,im ali i been dx for 11 half years im 43 years old,me dad was born in kent and lived there until 3 years before i was born,came over to shropshire to visit a friend in hospital ,saw me mom,love at first site,and boom ,been in shropshire since:smile:you have come to the rite place for surport and infomation about parkinsons,make friends as well:smile:hope to see you around x

Hello Dilruth,

Welcome to the forum which I am sure you will find very helpful and informative, My husband has had PD for almost thirty years and was diagnosed in his late thirties. I hope we hear from again soon and if you have any questions I am sure you will get the answers on here.
best wishes

Hello Dilruth,

Welcome to the Forum and it's many friendly members. I hope one day that your father-in-law will join us as well so that he can post his comments and questions direct. Not for one moment does this mean you are not welcome, you are a obviously a kind and caring person and we will help you where ever we feel qualified to.

Hi Dilruth
Welcome to the forum. My husband has Parkinsons diagnosed in November after DAT Scan. Hope to see you again on here. You will find that any question seems to be able to be answered by these lovely people on here. You will find lots of information as well. :)

Hi Dilruth...

.... warm welcome to the Forum... you've come to a good place as many have already outlined...

Am about to go off on holiday in a few days time, but just wanted to say we're also from Kent (down the "far end" near the Channel Tunnel)... so specially good to meet you...

My name is David... am a retired School Bursar (hence the Forum name).. 66 years
(young?).. lovely wife and two kids in their thirties... two cats... and Parkinsons!!

... affects me by stiffness, slowness.. various other occasional quirks (think it's got a sense of humour cos you don't always know till you get up)... oh.. and a droopy eyelid.. On Pramipexole and Azilect, go to the gym and try to keep going - but some days, must admit, have to have a little weep (but many others have confessed to that too)... Under wonderful Consultant at William Harvey Hospital in Ashford..

Please keep in touch... and who knows, if you're local-ish???

Warmest wishes... bursardavid..


Have just seen this post, had forgotten that I had joined and posted so long ago! 5 years on and dad (88yrs)is much less able, having many difficulties walking, standing etc. Poor mum (86)is now getting very unwell herself so we have been searching to get some support for her.Finally persuaded the GP to do an assessment, spoke to East Kent Carers and to Crossroads, waiting to see what help is offered (and what she will accept!) She is up 3-5 times a night and he starts asking to get up from 4am every day. She is exhausted but cannot see what help she would use. Currently really just trying to get him daycare once a week so that she can relax for a straight period of time. Still try and take her out once a month but he frets all the time she is gone and she feels guilty. My brother in law stays with him but makes him do things for himself...afraid he has become quite demanding and self centred in the last few years. Think he is depressed and the PD has just  become the focus of his existence. Managed to bring him to our home today (just round the corner, recently moved to be nearer them) and sprang it on him so he could not refuse. Took him in the wheelchair, took absolutely ages to get him into it but he was brilliant after two hours at our house. Came to life, talked and more mobile...positively had a spring in his step when getting into the wheelchair on return!  next plan is to force him out on a regular basis...only where we can push him as the car is an impossibility! Oh and the Parkinsons coffee morning next saturday!! Onwards and upwards!