Hi from Tom

Hi everyone recently diagnosed with PD symtoms just after my 61 birthday so keen to learn as much as I can. Registered to go on a pathway to Parkinson's course on Oct. My personal circumstances had a funny turn which left me with a limb in my left leg blood tests, MRI head and neck scans followed to rule out stroke all negative. Paid to see a neurologist as there was a 6 month waiting list and was given the news. Overall it took 12 months of tests to establish PD. Medically besides my limp my upper forearms have started to ache but otherwise ok no tremors. Still play golf with the support of my electric trolley but finding it harder to walk around. No meds yet and consultant asked to see me in 6 months unless I need to go back before that. I find it harder to walk after a couple of beers (lol) putting this down to balance issues anyone else experience this. Happy to hear for the group 

Hi tom yes balance issues come with PD my advice is don't leave it till your really bad to start the meds as they have to work harder to control your symptoms, Possible buy y.

ur self a walking stick to assist you when walking and try calling the help line to talk with a pd specialist nurse/ 

Hi recently diagnosed too - turned 40 in April 15 and diagnosed 21st July 15 - looking for others at my age going through same experience. Can anyone help. Always been fit and active so to say it came as s shock is an under statement - still trying to get my head round it 

Hi Little chick bit older than you at 61 but happy to share experience. What are ur main symtoms at the moment and what in particular is worrying you 


Hi Tom

Thank you for your reply it means so much that people I ve never met are there to reach out to to share experiences and offer support.

My symptoms were rigidity in my left thumb - stiffness and lack of movement in left hand and arm - have to say tablets have made a huge difference as I now move my arm when walking or running and stiffness vastly improved. Guess I'm lucky as no one can even tell thanks to medication. I do feel like someone is sticking a knife in my back though and going through phases of insomnia.  Hoping medication will keep me in this honeymoon phase, as my neurologist called it, for a lot of years.

Its not knowing what lies ahead that worries me most now. I am a positive person just still in the trying to gety head round this phase. 

Hi Little Chick & Tom,

My suggestion to both of you is to look into joining your area support group details are available on this website the friendship and support I have found since joining Lincoln branch has been invaluable.

I would go as far as to say I would have cracked up under the strain otherwise xx



Hi Betty and Little Chick

delay in responding as I have been away in Ibiza had to give the clubbing a miss though lol. It is interesting that medication has restored your arm swing I fear my walking is getting worse so took your advice Betty and bought myself a hiking stick which does help. Not on any meds as my neuro seems to think I don't need them yet but I am not sure particularly if it will improve my walking.

I have a review in Feb but May ask to see him before then. I have no tremors just soreness in the upper arms which is with me constantly and I am doing physio for.

thanks for your replies