Hi hopefully I'm posting this in correct place. New be

Just told yesterday I have early Parkinson's 58 years old Just after any tips I can get. About. Sleeping and waking up real early Also have ankloysing spondylitis Never meet anybody with this before. So would be nice to hear first hand knowledge i am a father of 4 young adults and married Never been on a forum in my life.


Well now you are Ray :)

Sleeping for me can be tricky sometimes i get vivid violent dreams, I need a tired mind and a tired body or i can stay awake the night, sometimes it is difficult too switch off, i tend to take my last dose when i first feel that urge when i'm ready too sleep rather than staying up late just too take a pill to get off too sleep, i also have lessened the evening dose as that is the time i want too wind down rather than being full of beans on a full dose, if i feel very tired during the day and i do suffer from fatigue i'll take a short nap of 30/45 because that is what my body is telling my mind or both, i'll feel refreshed afterwards bit like a dynamo.

I guess it is a balance of knowing yourself best and just another thing you have to work out and work at that can be for me at least complex .to get deep meaningful sleep & rest

Hi sea angler

thanks for the info. I'm not on any meds at moment. Good bit of info from u thanks

Hi Ray b 

pd gives all kinds of problems but you will be fine.  Welcome to the forum , dinna take life to serious it doesn't kill you , you will do a lot of damage yet the main thing is not to stress good luck


Hi Ian thanks for the reply. I was just unsure about this extra early getting up 4,30. Am. And then I'm not tired all day. I'm on no tabs only for my back. 


I am on med for back as well  ( naproxen )  good luck Ray 

Welcome Ray...I have had the old Parky since i was about 56 but not diagnosed until 4 years later! i wake early too and am like a 200 year old! until the meds kick in then i am buzzing like a teenager...fab! It is such a weird disease with all of its various symptoms. I do not think about the future, enjoy the good days and S*** the bad ones! 

I take co-dydramol for back pain but mainly i use my wonderful TENS machine, would not be without it.

Keep posting matey... there is always someone around to have a chat with and all have one thing in common......MR PARKY!!!!!!!!

Keeeeeeeeeeeeeep smiling

Dolly x

Thanks for the info Ian much appreciated ray

Hi Dolly

thanks for replying. I just didn't know if the waking up was a symptom of just me. I have had loads of tabs for my spondilitis. My back is fused now with it. Pain in the back lol

The only thing I have with the parkinsons is a resting tremor in my left hand. Bit of a pain as I'm left handed. But it only slight. I noticed if I'm worried it shakes more. But I decided this parkinsons can sod off. Haha. Also when wake feel real I'm panicky  but don't no about what about. 

I noticed if I'm real tired overtired my hand don't shake. So got it Sussed now no sleep lol thanks for replying I appreciate it. 

Take care of yourself ray

Hi Ray...you have a good SOH and that is so important when you feel  c*** !!!!!!

The symptoms are def worse when I feel anxious and like you I often wake up that way....but no idea why. My worst symptom is the heavy woozy head iI get before meds are due,  I def do not need to look at the clock! also neck spasms, thankfully I have a brilliant GP who gives me rregular accupuncture for that.

I agree Parky can **** off !!!!  Enjoy the good times, and keeeeeeeeeep smiling matey.....oh by the way I have a t shirt with Blame it on the Parkinsons emblazoned on the front.....causes a few giggles and a few funny looks haha

Best wishes

Dolly x

Hi dolly

hows it's going. 

I just notified the dvla. So they sending a form out. All fun isn't it. 

Was down in England all week. Selling up and going home. Thanks for the reply 


Hi just wondered if there was anybody in Sutherland

new of any groups etc to go to.