Hi i am a new member

Hi my brother was dx with pd 7 years ago. I am his main carer and find it upsetting seeing him struggle with this awful illness. Just looking for some advice and support so i can care for him. Thanks
Welcome to the forum Nannie Noo,
Parkinson's is tough on everyone including carers. You will find this forum full of people who can answer pretty much any question you care to ask about life affected by parkinson's. There are people here at most times of day and night, some because they struggle to sleep, others because they live in Australia.
Are you in touch with a local support group and/or a Parkinson's Nurse specialist?
I hope you find this place as supportive as I have done. I was dx 8 years ago but have spent most of the time since then in denial

Elegant Fowl

p.s. You have picked a great forum name too.
Hi Nannie noo, I'm new too in the last 24 hours, - and its lovely to have this forum and not to feel so alone any more. Yes, it is horrible watching someone you love changing and struggling. Each day seems to have some 'ouch-y' bits to cope with. Maybe as we share the ouch-y bits, that'll help. Lets share the good bits too! :smile: Dinky
Hi nannie noo I am a 'newbie' on here too and have found it very welcoming. I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago, and I am a full time carer for my daughter who has a learning disability, so I as her carer now need to cope with this disease.

I have posted a couple of questions already which seemed a bit trivial, but there are people here who have been there and have an answer!

I am trying to stay positive and take control of this disease, I have even started a blog which is theraputic!

Take care
Tjkernow (Cornwall)